How To Draw A Black Cat Easily

Draw A Black Cat

How To Draw A Black Cat.Β Due to superstitious beliefs, black cats are sometimes not a welcome sight for some people.

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Some believe they bring bad luck or are a bad omen, a sign of bad times.

Black cats are pretty handsome and don’t deserve their sinister reputation!

While some fear them, others love these mysterious cats. For fans of this type of cat, learning to draw a black cat is a great way to create stunning black cat artwork.

If you love these cats (or maybe are a little scared but fascinated by them), this tutorial should be fun! Our step-by-step guide to drawing a black cat will show you how to draw one of these beautiful creatures.

How To Draw A Black Cat

Step 1

This is the first step of this tutorial on how to draw a black cat. In it, we start with the head and neck of the cat.

The face is seen in the side profile, and you can use some curved lines for the head’s top, front, and base.

Next, use a small shape for the nose on the front of the face and then draw a line for the mouth.

Next, draw a small eye and add protruding lines to create the signature feline look. Finish with your ears perked up, then continue to step 2 of the instructions!

Step 2

To continue drawing the black cat, we will draw its back and chest in the next step.

The back is fairly plain and can be drawn with a simple curved line running backward from the base of the head.

The chest is drawn with a much coarser line to make it look hairier, and a lot of smaller line detail is also drawn nearby.

Step 3

This cat is sitting in a relaxed position, and we will emphasize this even more while drawing the front paws in this step of our black cat drawing guide.

Use an angular, curved line for the backs of these front legs, and then use a series of shorter lines for the fronts of the legs.

We will also add small lines around these legs for more fur texture detail.

Step 4

This elegant cat needs a tail, and that’s one of the elements we will add to your black cat drawing in the next step! The tail extends inward from the back of the cat’s body and is slightly raised as if the cat is nudging it.

We keep the lines rough and jagged when we draw them to make the tail more fluffy.

Once the tail is drawn, next we draw the cat’s belly. Again, this will look fuzzy by connecting many smaller lines. We’ll get to the final details in the next step of the guide!

Step 5

You’ll do some final touches in this black cat drawing guide step before coloring it.

First, refine the outline by drawing the long hind feet flat on the ground. Once the outline is ready, let’s draw some texture details.

To do this, apply small tufts of short lines all over the cat’s body to give it a furrier look.

You’re ready for the final step once you’ve added all those details! Before proceeding, make sure you add any additional items you want.

Step 6

When you color this drawing of a black cat, you may think that you don’t have many options to color it. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case! In our example image, we kept a black color scheme but added some lighter gray accents to give the image more variety.

You could take a similar approach, but if you want a different type of cat, you can also change the colors you like!

However, choosing colors is only part of the process, as you can also have fun with the artistic mediums and tools you use. Experimenting with different colors, pencils, and other mediums can be a great way to create amazing variations.

Your Black Cat Drawing is Finished!

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