Home Loan Prepayment: Strategies for Saving Interest in India

If you have or want to apply for Home loan, it is most likely the largest financial commitment you have made. Home loan terms might range from 15 years to 30 years, depending on the equivalent monthly installments (EMIs) you can afford. The EMI for a long-term loan is lower, but the interest outgo is larger. Paying off the loan sooner makes sense because you will pay less in interest, and if paid in full, you will be free of debt.

To lessen the total financial hardship, it is beneficial to make part-prepayments of the home loan in addition to regular EMIs. However, before you choose prepayment, make sure you understand the terms and limitations. Many banks have a minimum prepayment criterion and levy a fee if the account is closed completely. You can also get advice to apply for Home loan from a financial advisor on the subject.

Saving Interest Strategies in India

There are no prepayment penalties for a floating Home loan interest rate, but there are other aspects to look into for making an informed selection.

  • Financial Situation: If you have extra money and want to invest it, compare the returns on alternative investments to the interest rate on your house loan. Investing in a higher-yielding asset could make sense. If not, prepaying the mortgage may be a good option.
  • Loan Terms: Look into any prepayment penalties that may be associated with the way to apply for Home loan.Β 
  • Future aspirations: If you have near-term aspirations that demand funds, such as starting a business or furthering your education, preserving liquidity may be more advantageous.
  • Peace of Mind: For some people, being debt-free provides a psychological advantage that is difficult to define. This piece of mind may make prepayment a preferable option. The decision to prepay a house loan is a personal one that is influenced by a variety of variables. To make an informed selection based on your specific situation, it is best to talk with a financial planner or advisor.

Benefits of Prepaying a Mortgage

The biggest benefit is that you will save money for the Home loan interest rate. Because house loan interest is computed on the outstanding sum, lowering this level early on might result in large savings.

Paying off your loan faster through prepayments also provides the benefit of a shorter loan tenure, which is especially useful as you approach retirement or other key life milestones where debt-free living is a priority. Furthermore, this technique improves your property ownership by hastening the creation of home equity. By settling in order to apply for Home loan ahead of schedule, you will be able to grow your ownership percentage in the property more quickly, thus strengthening your financial position and investment in the property.

One of the technical benefits of prepaying a home loan is that it reduces your credit utilization ratio. Income loss due to an accident, injury, or even devastating global issues such as war or the recently experienced pandemic can result in a financial setback for the family. During this time, one may become behind on EMIs.

It further noted that prepaying to apply for Home loan would entail foregoing tax benefits under section 80C, particularly section 24B. The peace of mind earned through prepayment of a home loan would ideally be worth far more than the lost tax benefits.

Drawbacks of Prepaying a Mortgage

The money used for prepayment could be invested elsewhere to produce higher returns, especially if the interest rate on the home loan is low. Also, repayment can deplete your liquid assets. Before deciding to prepay, be sure you have an emergency fund or liquidity for other unforeseen demands.


Prepayment is the early repayment of a Home loan interest rate. People who have extra money usually choose to prepay their mortgage. This is because prepayment reduces the overall interest component accumulated throughout the early periods of a loan.

If you plan carefully, prepayment can be a wise decision. Prepaying a home debt can be one of one’s short and medium-term life goals. Because the interest component is larger in the first few years, it may make perfect sense to prepay the home loan. When the Home loan interest rate is reduced, you not only save on interest costs, but you also have more time to focus on other obligations and goals in life. Thus, prepaying a home loan can be a prudent decision when the many pros and cons are considered.

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