The Benefits of Using Custom Candle Boxes to Increase Your Brand’s Sales

Customizing more and more goods is becoming more common over time. In our everyday lives and at special events, candles are beautiful decorations. The soothing candles stand for divinity, peace, beauty, and a royal light. So, it’s not just used for birthdays and weddings; it’s also used for other happy events like Christmas. These beautiful, colorful candle jars are often used to make homes and workplaces look better. They’re also popular as gifts because they stand for love, desire, and divinity. Custom candle boxes packaging is becoming more important for brands. You must package the candles in imaginatively made Custom Boxes to ensure their delicacy. It also improves the aesthetics of the store shelves.

Get into the article to learn more about what are custom candle boxes and how they are important for your brands saleΒ 

Does the design and printing of custom candle boxes matter?

According to data, 81% of retail shoppers perform online research before purchasing products. In other words, shoppers like to acquire something distinctive and novel that appeals to them more than other things on the retail market. Custom product packaging is really important. And a big majority of clients depend on their purchasing decisions on how the product is presented to them.

So here’s a fact: designing an appealing design for your candle jar boxes can increase sales and attract more shoppers to your company. Furthermore, by customizing the packaging of your products, you will improve your brand’s market image. As a result, your distinctive candle boxes will effectively link you with your target buyers.

There are various approaches to designing the ideal appearance for your custom candle packaging boxes for your target audience. First, choose the best packaging design for your brand’s candles. It should adequately portray your company’s products. Then, on the packaging boxes, you may design eye-catching Custom Candle Boxes by including modern graphics, typography, logos, and phrases.

Here are some more benefits of using custom candle box to outperform your competitors in the market with complete packaging:

Enhanced Quality of Custom Candle Jar Boxes Packaging Material

There is no doubt that candles are fragile and delicate products, and their shipment is an empathetic business process. Consequently, you have to get super resilient and sturdy material for the manufacturing of custom-made candle jar boxes. Companies use many types of materials for their candle packaging. Some of the most famous ones are:

Cardboard Material:

It is the most popular material for candle jar packaging. It is prepared by compressing cardboard sheets under high pressure. Therefore this packaging material is super quality and resilient to protect the delicate candle waxes from external damages. The strength of this product wrapping material is very high. Moreover, the premium quality outside layer of cardboard is appropriate for every kind of custom printing. You can design your candles packaging boxes in any way you want.

Kraft Packaging Boxes:

It is a biodegradable and environmentally safe material that is easy to assemble as well. In simple words, by using this material for the packaging of your customizable candle boxes, you are showing sincerity towards the environment’s security. Now people are getting more conscious about the adversity caused by pollution and global warming. And they are inclining more towards the ecologically safe and biologically degradable packaging material. By mentioning that you are utilizing eco-friendly material for your standard and luxury candles boxes packaging, you will get the attention of the eco-conscious customer base, and they will prefer your product over other brands’ product.

The Kraft candle boxes packaging material is flexible and easy to craft. So you can design them according to your brand needs and product specifications.

Corrugated Material:

It is the most sturdy material, and therefore it is used for the shipping of delicate candles. No company ever wants to deliver damaged candles at all. So they use corrugated packaging material for custom candle boxes. The layers of the packaging protect the candles from any harmful environmental factors such as sudden accidents, weather effects, physical damages or jerks, etc.

All of these product packaging materials are transformable and moldable into any shape you want. Therefore, it is beneficial to get the custom boxes according to the size and shape of your candles. There are mainly two types of packaging tactics that companies generally prefer. Both of them are convenient and popular, and they provide maximum protection to the candles. These two techniques are:

Folding Cartons:

Folding cartons are less expensive in comparison with other types of packaging. These cartons are flattenable and can be molded easily. Brands can assemble them afterward according to the specifications of the product. You can get them in bulk at much cheaper rates. You can get them in any design you want for your brand’s candle boxes packaging. PremiumCustomBoxes (PCB) offers charming custom candle box packaging for brands with perfect designs and custom printing.

Rigid Packaging Boxes:

On the other hand, rigid boxes create the perfect appearance of your products, and it is the perfect choice for luxury jar candle boxes. They are also used as gift boxes. In addition, you can carry out modern and custom printing techniques in rigid candle boxes.

In short, the fundamental qualities and features that the packaging material should have are:

  • Custom packaging boxes should show the latest custom printing techniques perfectly.Β 
  • It should be biodegradable and recyclable so that customers can utilize them for secondary use as well.
  • It should be easy to assemble into various shapes and sizes
  • These packaging boxes should provide a memorable and unboxing experience to the customers.

In addition, if you get custom boxes in bulk, you can save your money very well. Here are some additional advantages of using custom candle boxes wholesale includes:

Effortless Brand Marketing Tool

You may use beautiful candle packaging for your business as a seamless marketing method to increase sales of your brand’s items by creating beautiful candle packaging for your brand. By prominently displaying your brand emblem, product and brand name, and one-line product description for any unique message, you may boost brand identification and interact with your customers more effectively. It is useful in capturing buyers’ attention and persuading them to buy your candles.

Without a doubt, internet buying is gaining popularity. Companies cannot afford to ignore the significance of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Thousands of videos depicting “unboxing” luxury products such as candles are published to YouTube every day. When companies launch new products, they usually post numerous unboxing videos on social media websites. They have an effect on the audience and influence them to make a purchase. As a result, it is a source of the most straightforward, effective, and cost-effective brand marketing.

How to Print the Right Designs on Candle Packaging Boxes?

Designing packaging without expert and professional printing is useless at all. On the contrary, it will create a nice appearance of your luxurious candles and allure the buyers. The most popular printing and package finishing techniques are spot UV, gloss, matte, aqueous, and semi-matte AQ. Matt lamination is suitable for the elegant and mind-blowing look of the product packaging. Gloss lamination is perfect for getting a smooth and silky feel of the product’s packaging. The polished effect of the product package printing gives a modern look and entices the customers to buy them immediately.

Consequently, the coating or lamination is essential for your product packaging design and helps the packaging be more resilient and effective against harmful atmospheric factors such as heat, moisture, accidents, etc.

Wrapping Up

In the end, here are some key advantages that you will get once you design and print your custom boxes for candle with Custom Pack box.

  • Candles are delicate objects that must be handled with care. They are best protected and supported by resilient packing, especially during transportation.
  • By employing custom printed candle boxes, you can ship them from one location to another without concern of product damage.
  • The packaging’s eco-friendly and biodegradable substance will increase shopper interest in your brand. People will choose your products over those of rival brands.
  • You may create your custom candle boxes packaging in a variety of ways and display them in stores with appealing finishes to attract market customers.
  • Package design on its own is meaningless. As a result, expert printing of these bespoke designs is required. To make the appearance of your candles more appealing, you can choose the appropriate custom candle boxes packaging design from the market’s current and modern printing procedures.
  • To give your personalized candle boxes a pleasant look, use the right color schemes and text styles.

Finally, the more distinctive and appealing the designs you employ for your candle packaging, the more likely it is that your brand will develop in the market.


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