Green Energy Solutions Talks About CNG and its Advantageous Features

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is derived from compressing methane down to less than 1% of its volume. This is done by storing natural gas at high pressure and baseline temperature. The staff members of Green Energy Solutions mention that CNG is clean, odourless and non-corrosive. Many even consider CNG to be safer and more efficient than petrol or diesel. Hence, it has gained prominence as a viable alternative fuel for various applications, particularly in the transportation and industrial sectors.

Green Energy Solutions discusses the benefits of CNG

As prices of petrol and diesel go up, people in diverse parts of the globe have been looking for alternative fuel options. The objective to do so is to use a more efficient and affordable fuel.Β  While many new technologies and practices have been used to explore varied fuel types, CNG has emerged as one of the most valuable and prominent options.Β 

CNG contains methane gas that produces engine power by getting mixed with air when introduced into the combustion chamber of the engine. When it gets mixed with air, it ignites by a spark, and the energy from the explosion moves the vehicle.Β 

There are many benefits associated with the use of CNG, including:

  • Environmental benefits: CNG burns cleaner in comparison to traditional petrol and diesel. When using CNG, carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by around 80%, and 44% less hydrocarbons are produced in comparison to gasoline-powered vehicles. Even though natural gas still does contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, its extent is majorly reduced.

Gases released from cars are harmful to humans and the environment. It may even cause respiratory diseases in people. These emissions, however, cannot be avoided as it is the by-product of the chemical reactions that take place during fuel combustion. However, as CNG does not contain benzene, lead or sulphur, the extent of harmful emissions is comparatively reduced. Moreover, in case of a leak, CNG does not pose any such danger of contamination of ground water as the fuel is non-toxic. CNG vehicles also run quieter than automobiles powered by gasoline and diesel, which results in less noise pollution.

  • Cost effectiveness: CNG typically costs less than gasoline and diesel on an energy-equivalent basis, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious consumers and businesses.
  • Increase in engine lifespan:Β  CNG is a cleaner fuel than petrol and diesel. It does not leave much residue. Therefore, powered by CNG generally experience lower maintenance costs and longer engine life due to the cleaner combustion process, resulting in fewer deposits and wear on engine components.
  • Safe fuel: Safety is among the key aspects that make CNG better than petrol. CNG can be used in the form of a gas. As a result, if there is a leakage, it gets dispersed to the air easily and does not harm the car or nearby places.Β 

The experts at Green Energy Solutions mention that diverse regions across the world have varying policies and regulations regarding CNG usage. Many countries even provide incentives or subsidies to promote the adoption of CNG-powered vehicles. On the other hand, in a few regions stricter emission standards are imposed to encourage cleaner fuels.

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