Steven Rindner Lists Some Of The Best Places For Gravel Biking In The United States

Gravel biking involves riding on any unpaved surface or a combination of gravel, grass and dirt. As Steven Rindner says, the popularity of this form of cycling has majorly gone up the recent years due to the type of exhilarating experience it provides. Gravel biking is among the most fun ways to explore the outdoors and admire beautiful sceneries. Moreover, with plenty of wagon trails, forest roads, fire roads, rail trails, and canal paths present across the United States, it is the perfect country for gravel biking.

Steven Rindner marks a few great places for gravel biking in the United States

Gravel biking has magnetized many cyclists over the years. A few of them like the absence of traffic in comparison to biking on busy roads, while others are drawn to the terrain that is easier to ride on than many mountain bike trails. There are many wonderful places to go for gravel biking in the United States, including:

Kansas: Having endless routes of rolling hills that offer scenic views, Kansas is definitely among the top places to go for gravel biking in the country. This state has a pretty unique terrain that is filled with epic climbs and fast descents.Β  One of the most famous gravel biking races in the world, Dirty Kanza, is held in Kansas. It attracts thousands of gravel bikers who want to tackle the 200-mile race. Both professional and recreational riders take part in this epic race.

Utah: Utah is a very beautiful state that has plenty of gravel routes. It is the home to the Arches National Park, the Canyonlands National Park, and the Wasatch Mountains. In Utah, riders can find an incredible network of gravel unpaved roads and trails to suit the skills and ability of almost any gravel bike. The Crusher in the Tushar began in the year of 2011 and has become incredibly popular since then. It is held in Beaver and is Utah’s most popular gravel race.

California: California and cycling go hand in hand. There are numerous cyclists in this state, and many bike brands have also selected California as its headquarters. When it comes to gravel biking, the mountains of Sierra Nevada are especially popular. The undulating hills of the central coast are also perfect for gravel biking. The Belgian Waffle Ride is the most popular event for gravel biking in California. It started in 2012 and has consistently grown over time. This race includes many different routes, and is pretty exciting and fun.

Vermont: This state is known to have beautiful yet challenging terrain, which is great for gravel biking. In Vermont, cyclists can find a mix of gravel and dirt roads that take them through farmland, forests, and tiny towns. The Overland is Vermont’s most popular gravel cycling event. It takes place on the 55-mile course with 7000ft of climbing. The Overland is known to be a tough gravel race but also among the most scenic ones.

As per Steven Rindner, people fond of gravel biking can take part in the events and races mentioned above. There is a growing community of gravel bikers in the United States, and one can find many people passionate about this activity at these events.Β 

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