Lyrics Not Showing on Spotify? It’s Time for a Switch!

Spotify lyrics not showing

Singing along to your favorite tunes has become a tough break ever since Spotify has taken down its β€˜lyrics’ feature for those using the platform’s free version. Synced lyrics on a music app become very useful for users who want to rediscover the true meaning of their old favorites or even dive into new, unknown songs.

Gazhals, hip-hop bars, and music written in foreign languages have a newfound appeal for listeners with lyrics at their disposal. To find a way around this new problem of Spotify lyrics not showing, here’s a perfect list of other music streaming platforms that can get you well-synced lyrics to your favorite songs.

Amazon Music

Topping this list as one of the best lyrics apps, Amazon Music syncs up the lyrics to every beat for its many listeners. Users can also tap around on specific lyrics as Amazon Music allows you to jump into specific parts of the songs. The app provides this feature for songs written in multiple languages, making it a perfect feature for all music enthusiasts.

Music lovers can also queue music, shuffle their songs, skip songs, listen to ad-free music, and even navigate their tunes with Alexa – Amazon’s voice assistance. Users can subscribe to Amazon Music to avail of all these features, which come bundled with Prime Video and Amazon Prime shopping. So one prime subscription will give you access to a variety of songs, movies, shows, and fast and free delivery.

Genius – Song Lyrics Finder

Up next we have the Genius Music and Lyrics app, another streaming platform that is designed for enthusiasts who enjoy singing along to songs. If you are interested to know the big names behind productions, what made artists write the song or the general trivia behind the lyrics – this app is for you! What might work for the music heads is that this app also provides news and the general anecdotes that went into writing or producing a particular song.

The app has both music lovers and professionals hooked to its music IQ community. Although it is not an internal music player, it stands out as a lyrics provider. The app works best with other music players since it offers only song lyrics and does not have an audio music library of its own. The app, however, can play music sourced from YouTube. Users might also be interrupted by a few advertisements and bugs in the application’s free version.


Another famous homegrown music player that allows listeners to sing along with its lyrics is Gaana. With its vast collection of songs, Gaana provides lyrics directly on its app when you select a particular song for users to read along real time.

To listen to full, ad free music users can hop onto Gaana Plus app for a user-friendly process of scouting music since listeners get a personalized music feed after they search for songs. For those keen on singing along, the app allows users to customize the font and style of the lyrics that appear on the screen every time they play a song on Gaana Plus. The app also gives listeners playlists and mixes that might come in handy while trying to discover new music.

Wynk Music

If you are big on belting a few Bollywood numbers and various other Indian songs then Wynk music works best for you. Users have the liberty to enable and disable lyrics on the app that come on in real-time every time they play a song. Apart from karaoke nights, the app also comes in handy on auspicious days when the users might need to play aartis and bhajans while chanting along to the wordings available on the app.

Wynk is usually offered as a free app to Airtel users. It also provides a free version for non-Airtel users that is ad-supported and gives access to a limited number of songs with advertisements now and then. Wynk also offers a premium subscription known as Wynk Plus which is a paid service. Subscribers to Wynk Plus enjoy extra features, including an ad-free listening experience, the ability to download an unlimited number of songs for offline listening, and improved audio quality.

Summing Up

Since Spotify has taken down the essential music lyrics feature, these big music streaming players have saved the day for all listeners. It seems virtually impossible to adjust back to the old system. Considering how important writing and messaging are in music, users cannot be expected to give them up. Thanks to these apps, now you have the liberty to tune into all the musical words you might want to sing along to.

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