Facts About Botox San Jose

Botox San Jose

No one likes to grow old although the impossibility of reversing age remains uppermost on their minds. You are likely to be aghast at seeing the fine lines and laugh lines mar your face, robbing it of lasting beauty. Sure, surgery is not an option for you. Wait! You may try a non-invasive alternative that works beautifully. Feel free to inquire about Botox San Jose and learn how to eliminate those telltale signs of aging without experiencing any pain. What’s more, you can have the procedure within 10 to 15 minutes too, and then return to work. It certainly sounds too good to be true.

This makes it important for you to check all the associated facts before deciding in favor of the procedure. The truth is sure to convince you when you come to know the following;-

What is Botox San Jose?

Well, it is an injection of Botulinum toxin given in small doses. The product is a neurotoxin that weakens the muscles in the injected area and paralyzes them temporarily. This helps the patient to achieve smooth skin on the target area thus eliminating the fine lines and wrinkles. The concerned worker will inject the toxin in extremely small doses into the target area to obtain the desired result.

It makes sense to inquire about the process and get the details before going in for the procedure. The fears in the mind of the patient are sure to be eliminated once the doubts are put to rest. Some of the most common queries that licensed Botox healthcare providers face include the following…

What are the Areas Addressed By Botox Procedure?

Botox may be used for cosmetic reasons or as a form of medical treatment. The former option may be exercised to get rid of crow’s feet by the side of the eyes and/or smoothen the forehead by removing the fine lines and wrinkles. The toxin may also be injected into the chin dimple and the jawline to help you achieve a slimmer look.

Will you experience pain during a Botox cosmetic procedure?

It is a resounding no! Remember that the procedure is completely non-invasive with no associated pain being experienced. However, you may feel a mild tingling sensation during the process. Thankfully, the sensation disappears once the injections are done. You may request the health worker for a mild antiseptic solution if you have overly sensitive skin.

When are the results visible?

There is no hard & fast rule about the time of the results. Each patient is different and the outcome will also depend on specific target areas. While you may begin to notice the results within 3 to 7 days, you may have to wait for 15 days for the complete transformation of the areas that were treated.

When will the effect wear off?

As mentioned previously, the results will differ from patient to patient. However, you may expect the amazing transformation to be long-lasting and remain for at least 3 to 6 months.

Individuals eager to opt for a safe and risk-free non-invasive cosmetic procedure are advised to try Botox San Jose to reduce the ugly signs of aging.

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